Brand Story

   There was a humble shoemaker workshop in a small alley of Saint Martin, business was very good, the owner of Rafael came from Rome shoes family, his father had made shoes for the Spanish president, therefore, Rafael shop was not the lack of many noble people. Joe.gidis was one of very cute girl among Rafaelí»s customers, she came from a noble family, noble and kind, she liked to wear beautiful shoes and often went to Rafaelí»s shoemaker workshop to talk with Rafael a lot of her own ideas and discussed what kinds of beautiful shoes she wanted.
   Day in and day out, young people fell in love with each other, a sweet plan was arisen from Rafaelí»s mind upcoming Valentine's day, he would design a pair of the most beautiful shoes for Joe.gidis as the Valentine's gift. Rafael silently poured all his thoughts and ideas for stitching the sincere love into the shoes. In Valentine's Day eve, a pair of beautiful shoes was finished elaborately, but Joe.gidis disappeared. Rafael began frantically searching for her, but every time of snoop was failed.
   During the three years, Rafael became gradually pined in the missing, but his lover was still missing. His close friends could not bear to see his miserable pain, they worked out an idea to let him go the long distant and mysterious place that he longed - Taiwan. To a new environment, Rafaelí»s shoemaker workshop had to start from beginning, due to the ancestral exquisite craft and long-standing good reputation, he was very confident to custom-made leather shoes for the upper class socialite, and quickly won the Taiwanese love, his career had been greater development again. The passion of success in career was not submerged Rafaelí»s heart of love, his only motive is Joe.gidis.
   These years, he still occasionally returned Saint Martin for searching, One day before Valentine's day in the seventh year, a familiar shadow appeared in the store, it was Joe.gidis, at that time, their frequent contact made Joe.gidisí» family suspicious, they knew that it was difficult to break up this pair of lovers, they moved to foreign country for avoiding the war. Meet with each other again let Rafael go wild with joy, he took out the most beautiful shoes kept for many years to Joe.gidis. When Joe.gidis wore this pair of shoes condensate loving thoughts and ingenious idea, they hit the Saint Martin. The lovers finally got married, Rafaelí»s superb technology has also become the eternal fashion classics of Saint Martin. Rafaelí»s love forever existed and pervasive, he always pursues Joe.gidis and never gives up. This pair of shoes of Rafael and Joe.gidis embodied freedom, truth and love have been launched to the world, let the extraordinary Spanish art and love dream to dance in every woman's toes.

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